Frequently Asked Questions

Can we change the activities schedule to a day other than Wednesday for our ward and stake? 

  • Yes.  You can hold the activities on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays, whatever day that you normally hold your youth activities.  Please let us know if you are having activities on another day so we can make sure the film crews are in the right place at the right time.  Just email us at

Can we move an activity if it is over Spring break?

Can youth who are turning 12 participate in the celebration?

  • Youth who are 12 by May 31, 2018 can participate in the celebration.

Can the youth participate in more than one performing opportunity?

  • Unfortunately, due to our large numbers, youth will need to pick on area to participate as a performer because the rehearsals for all of the performing opportunities will take place at the same time.

What is the rehearsal schedule for the performers?

  • Performers will typically rehearse Saturday mornings.  There will be no rehearsal April 14, and May 12 due to other celebration activities.  The week of the show May 19 there will be some evening rehearsals at the conference center to prepare for the show.  More details to come.

Will all YM/YM age youth in the temple district be involved in the celebration?

  • Yes!  There will be a way that everyone is involved, and then those that want to be involved in a deeper level will be able to do that as well.

Are wards in charge of activities surrounding the celebration?

  • Yes, but not all activities.  (Please see the details in the Activities tab above.)

What is the role of the stake YM/YW presidency in the celebration?

  • The stake will be in charge of a few activities during the 60 day experience. (Please see the details listed in the Activities tab above.)

Do the youth have to attend 100% of rehearsals to be able to participate in the celebration?

  • No!  The way the celebration is organized, youth can be there at anytime and still feel apart of the experience.  However youth who choose to be in the performing cast WILL need to be at all rehearsals unless there is an emergency or critical academic event.  We understand that there are many who may be hesitant to commit at that level but in order to effectively put together a show in one rehearsal a week in this short time, attendance is mandatory.  Youth should take all of this information into account when choosing what level of involvement works for them and their families. 

Will the celebration be broadcast to stake centers?

  • Yes, and there will also be a link provided for those who wish to watch it from home.

Who can come to the celebration on May 19?

  • Youth and leaders are invited to attend.  Each ward will be given some tickets and there are extra for youth that may want to bring friends, but once your tickets are gone, they are gone.  There will be a driver viewing area for the leaders that help drive but do not get a ticket to the conference center.

Can I invite non-member friends and family?

  • Friends can come to ALL activities, however, the celebration has a fixed number of tickets so only those with tickets can view the celebration live.  Family, and other friends will be able to view the show via online broadcast.

Do we as a stake/ward need to participate in every activity?

  • YES PLEASE!!!  We want everyone to come on the 60 day journey to focus on being READY for the temple.

What is required of us as stake/ward to participate in the celebration? Rehearsals? Planning? Coordinating day of, etc?

  • The stake will be responsible for one rehearsal the Wednesday before the celebration. (See details under Activities above) Wards and stakes  will also be responsible for teaching the big group parts at the activities before the game starts.  Whoever is running the activity that night would take the lead on that. (See details under Activities above).  The day of the celebration the Ward leaders are in charge of transportation of the kids that are not in the performers cast.  The performers cast will be in charge of their own transportation to rehearsals and the celebration.

Who do I talk to about special needs in my stake/ward?

Do these activities replace our normal stake/ward activities during this period?

  • Yes!  These activities take the place of all weekly activities from the week of March 18- May 19.

Are volunteers needed in any activities or for the celebration?

  • It is possible that some volunteers will be needed, more information to follow

In any activities with food, are dietary restrictions being considered?

  • Most of the activities with food will be done on a ward/stake level where dietary restrictions are known.  The concert will have food trucks for snacks, but those that have special dietary needs will need to plan accordinly.

What is being done about safety/emergency management for this many people in the same place?

  • For the celebration, the Conference Center is already staffed for security.  The activities where they whole group is gathered, security will be taken care of.  Plans are still pending.

If I can’t find my question/answer here who do I contact?

  • Please email all other questions to

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