Youth Kickoff Fireside

March 18, 2018

“Let us gather together this people of the Lord…”
Alma 27:5

Fireside video being emailed to stake leaders

To be played after the opening song and prayer


 All youth, parents, and leaders are invited to their stake center to view a fully produced kickoff video.  This video will be fast paced, exciting, and introduces youth to the theme of our celebration.  Youth will also be introduced to the Instagram photo challenge, the family history challenge, and invited to submit different art projects for the celebration.  After the movie, each stake president will have the opportunity to give closing remarks.

Who is Invited:

Youth, Friends of Youth, Youth Leaders, Parents of Youth

Stake responsibilities:

  • Provide the structure of a youth fireside. Youth conductor, youth pianist, youth music conductor, and youth prayer should come from the stake.  

  • Download the video above and play the video after the opening prayer.  

  • Refreshments are optional and up to each area to consider.

Ward responsibilities:

  • Attend and assist youth who may need transportation.

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