Temple Walk

May 12, 2018

And he leaping up stood, and walked, and entered with them into the temple, walking, and leaping, and praising God.
-Acts 3:8


Youth from across the temple district are invited to walk from designated church buildings to the temple. Each stake will be given an assigned route to follow.  The area close to the temple (on 1300 West, from 10400 South to 9800 South) is designated as a silent area.  When all groups have converged on the temple, on a cue from a youth conductor, they will sing together, “I Believe in Christ.”  After this experience the youth will make their way several blocks away to cars waiting to take them home. Camera crews will document the whole experience from a variety of perspectives including drone footage which captures the group approaching the temple together. Routes for each stake are provided below. In addition, parking locations for vehicles will be pre-determined.

Who is Invited:

Youth, Friends of Youth, Youth Leaders

Stake Responsibilities:

  • Stake Young Men and Young Women Presidents will coordinate all aspects of the walk for their stake. They will attend an informational meeting on Sunday, March 25th at 7pm at 2666 West 7000 South, West Jordan, UT to receive all of the details regarding their responsibilities for the Temple Walk.

Ward Responsibilities:

  • Determine if your youth will need lunch and then have each youth bring a sack lunch that will be waiting for them in the cars which will be taking them home.  Make sure all youth have a water bottle. 

  • Work in conjunction with stake leaders to ensure a successful walk. Provide the designated amount of leaders to walk with and supervise the youth. Follow up with the youth on Sunday after the walk with discussion questions.


Discussion questions for class on Sunday

  • What were your thoughts and feelings while you were walking? In the silent area? While you were singing?

  • It was a sacrifice to walk to the temple - what sacrifices have you made to get to the temple? What has that taught you?

  • You had to sacrifice your time and possibly some activities to attend the Temple Walk. What sacrifices have you made in your life in order to be worthy to attend the temple? What sacrifices have you made in order to have time to attend the temple? What has that taught you? 

  • How did it feel to be on the temple grounds with so many other youth? To see so many other kids your age who are also trying to do the right thing?

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