Discovering the Temple

 March 28, 2018

 ...a covenant is a binding spiritual contract, a solemn promise to God our Father that we will live and think and act in a certain way—the way of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. In return, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost promise us the full splendor of eternal life.  - Jeffery R. Holland

Intro Video

To be played after memorizing the scripture.


The youth will participate in a treasure hunt focused on the temple.   Working together, they will discover answers to common questions about the temple, and complete various tasks in order to finish the hunt.  Afterwards, in small groups, they can discuss what they have learned about the foundational doctrine of the temple, what they need to do to be ready for the temple, and memorize the celebration scripture.  A plan for a “treasure hunt” activity is provided for ward leaders.

Who is Invited:

Youth, Friends of Youth, Youth Leaders

Stake Responsibilities:

  • None


Ward Responsibilities:

  • Ward youth leaders will be in charge of having their youth memorize the celebration scripture (D&C 50:44-46) as well as running and implementing this activity.    

Questions for Discussion:

  • Provided in the Treasure Hunt Instructions above.

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