Video Chat: Seeing Beyond Ourselves

May 2, 2018

To accept and love others does not mean we must embrace their ideas . . . Looking beyond what we can see requires conscious focus on the Savior. - Elder W. Craig Zwick

Intro Video

To be played before the video conference begins


We are blessed to have a worldwide church and technology to connect people across the globe.  Youth from our temple district will meet together in tri-stake groups to experience an online video discussion with the youth and families in another part of the world (including Australia/New Zealand, Korea, and Central America) who live far away from a temple. In these discussions we will connect and discuss the challenges of living far from the temple and share their hope and faith to make it there someday.  


Two youth and a leader from each tri-stake group will be selected and prepared to organize and lead the discussions.  The youth will also learn a special version of the hymn I Believe in Christ for the performance.  You can find the location where your stake will meet by clicking the button below.  

Who is Invited:

Youth, Friends of Youth, Youth Leaders

Stake Responsibilities:

  • The "Hosting Stake" will be in charge of preparing their building with setup and tech support.

  • Hosting Stake will be responsible for organizing the meeting.


Ward Responsibilities:

  • Ward youth leaders will be in charge of transportation to the assigned stake building.  Assigned locations for your stake can be found above.

  • Please make sure to fill cars as full as possible because parking will be limited. 


Questions for discussion the following Sunday in class:

  • What impressions did you have during this experience?

  • What touched you? What similarities did you see?

  • In what ways can you take advantage of the opportunity you have in having a temple so close to where you live?

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